Could a toll lane on the 60 Highway be in our future?

A road-building agency is poised to launch a $1.4 million engineering study to examine what it would take to extend Corona’s 91 Freeway toll lanes east to downtown Riverside, and to add toll lanes on the 60 and 215 freeways in Jurupa Valley, Riverside and Moreno Valley.

They wouldn’t be built tomorrow or next year. But the Riverside County Transportation Commission’s analysis would set the stage for a potential roll-out during the 2020s.The cost of adding toll lanes on the 60 from downtown Riverside to Theodore Street in Moreno Valley was estimated at $128 million. And the cost of adding toll lanes on both the 60 in Riverside and Moreno Valley, and on the 215 Freeway south to Van Buren Boulevard, was estimated at a total of $319 million.

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Debra CraigComment