Information you need to know if you're going to Morrison Park for the fireworks

Please read if your are going to the City’s Fourth of July festivities at Morrison Park. Here is what you need to know. 1) All bags are checked at the entrance. No opened containers of anything. This includes water Gatorade, etc. They can be brought in if they have not been opened. No alcoholic beverages of any kind. No weapons including knives for cutting food. 2) It is free before 4 with in and out privileges. Your bags will be checked each time. 3) No one will be let in the park after 8:45 pm, even if you have a wristband and family members inside. It might be earlier depending on the capacity limits of the event. 4) Only propane bbqs are allowed. No charcoal bbqs. 5) Pop up tents are allowed but must be down by 7 pm. 6) Coolers, chairs, and tables are allowed. There are three entrances to get inside. One off of Eucalyptus, one off of the Valley View HS stadium, and the main entrance is off of Morrison. If you come before 4 pm, you get a wristband that allows you stay in the park for the fireworks. You may also leave and come back, but please note, as stated above, everyone must be inside the park no later that 8:45 pm

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