Riverside International Raceway closed 30 years ago this month

From the story: Link is below. “By the mid-1980s, though, the area surrounding Riverside International Raceway had quickly developed into residential and commercial uses in the newly-incorporated city of Moreno Valley. The racetrack was no longer in the “boonies.”

Traffic and crowds were an issue, as was the noise generated by race cars that could be heard for miles. The land that the track occupied became more and more valuable, and making money on races was becoming more difficult. In the end, the owners opted to sell the venue to a developer, who closed the raceway July 2, 1989, to the dismay of many race fans across Southern California. In its place was built the Moreno Valley Mall and accompanying commercial uses on the north half of the land, and several residential subdivisions on the south half.”

Debra CraigComment