More details on the street racing accident/incident that happened on Perris/San Michele Road

On June 30, 2019, at 4:19 PM, Riverside Sheriff’s Department-Moreno Valley Station’s Traffic Team responded to a major single vehicle traffic collision in the area of Perris Boulevard and San Michele Road, city of Moreno Valley. Deputies from the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, Moreno Valley Station along with personnel from the Moreno Valley Fire and paramedics arrived within minutes and discovered a single vehicle roll-over collision. The driver, Jack Carachure, was ejected and transported to a local hospital with various injuries. The two passengers were also treated at the scene and transported to a local hospital for minor injuries. It does not appear impairment from the use of drugs or alcohol contributed to this collision. However, members of the Traffic Team captured images on the City of Moreno Valley’s City-Wide cameras of Carachure street racing with a possible white, Dodge Charger, northbound on Perris Boulevard prior to the collision. Due to Carachure’s injuries, an Illegal Street Racing Vehicle Code violation will be filed out of custody with the Riverside District Attorney’s Office.

Anyone who may have witnessed this Street Racing activity or this collision and has not been interviewed, is encouraged to call Deputy Slover at the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Moreno Valley Station at (951) 486-6800. Vehicle traffic in the area was closed during the investigation.

Illegal street racing, street takeovers, and sideshows are a dangerous, destructive, and far too often a deadly event in Riverside County.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, in partnership with local allied agencies, are taking a zero-tolerance approach to this illegal activity in an effort to reduce the cost to taxpayers having to repair the damages caused by these events, but most importantly to reduce the danger to the public caused by the participants of these events who often drive their vehicles with wanton disregard for public safety. Participants, aiders and abettors, and retailers supplying and installing the illegal equipment often found on the vehicles at these events will be identified through collaborative law enforcement efforts and prosecuted for the multitude of crimes resulting from these illegal acts.              

Anyone with information pertaining to locations in your area where this type of illegal activity is taking place, or with any information pertaining to illegal street racing, sideshows, or planned street take overs is encouraged to contact Sergeant Dan Ponder at the Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s Station (951) 955-2600 or at Riverside Sheriff’s Dispatch (951) 776-1099.

Debra CraigComment