Happy 60th Anniversary, Zana and Burton Edwards!

We recently received a message from a reader. It said, "My grandparents are renewing their vows on June 29th, in honor of their 60th anniversary. I was wondering if you could do a story about them because it is an amazing feat. They don't know that I'm asking."

My own parents, who I recently spent a week with, have been married 64 years. How could I saw "no"? In addition, it is an amazing feat since I only made it to sixteen years.

Since it was short notice, I didn't have time to actually interview this Moreno Valley couple. I simply asked the reader to tell me how they met and how many children and grandchildren they have. I'm hoping to actually interview them in the near future and find out the secrets of their successful marriage.

This is what we know.

"My grandfather was working at Hill Air Force Base in Utah, which was the state my grandmother grew up in. It was a Sunday. He was in the day room with his buddies when one of his friends said “Hey, why don’t you join me and a friend of mine, we’re going out.”

After some convincing, my grandfather agreed and went along. They went to the drive-in and watched a movie, before taking my grandmother home.

Then my grandpa did the unspeakable. He kissed her on the first date, which is something she never allowed! But this time, she made an exception.

After 6 months of dating and one full day of 21 different proposals, she was “worn down”, said yes.

Burton Edwards and Zana Zandel married each other on June 29th, 1959 at Hill Air Force base.

They have four kids, 10 grandkids, and four great grandkids.

They’ve lived in Moreno Valley since 1981 when it was called Sunnymead."

So to sum things up, once upon a time, in fact, 60 years and about six months ago, a young couple met at a movie drive-in theater in Utah.

And they lived happily ever after.

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