Mom organizes "Pay It Forward Day" in honor of her deceased son

My son lived his life with a smile on his face and pure love in his heart....he saw the best in everything and brought out the best in everyone!!! Today would have been his 18th birthday....but what better way to celebrate my angel than to take a moment and live life the way he did....happy and full of love!! Even if just for a day, take time to celebrate your life, appreciate all that you have, and show others how much they mean to you. Share a smile with a stranger, donate blood to save a life...whatever you choose, do it from your heart and relish in the joy that it brings others, as well as yourself!! This is a Pay-It-Forward kind of day....and if you don't mind, please take a moment, close your eyes, smile up to the sky and wish my son the most beautiful day!!

My son was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at the age of 14 months. Due to complications of hypercalcemia, he suffered kidney damage at the age of 23 months. In 2012, after years of doctors appointments and teams of specialists, his kidneys took a turn for the worse and he was now in need of dialysys. After only 5 treatments, we got the call....there was a kidney for him!! A young teenage angel gave my son the gift of life....a debt my family can never repay!! Only 2 short months later, my Danno awoke not feeling well. By that night, he was gone....he earned his angel wings and flew to Heaven. We attempted to donate his organs as well, but after finding a match for his heart, the doctors changed their was not clear on any tests what caused my son to pass away. This is only a question that God has the answer to. But for now, my family and I know that Danno tried, even in the end, to make a difference. We are truly blessed to have 11-1/2 years with him.... I am forever his mommy and I will share his story until my last breath. He is my hero, as he said I was his. I love you from the depths of my soul, My Danno....forever ever my Lil Man ❤❤❤

**I would so love if you would share your pictures, stories, or moments from the day with me!!! It brings my heart so much joy!!! I keep all the pictures, posts and stories because it allows my heart to see that my son's story isn't over...he lives not only within my heart, but in many of yours as well

Debra CraigComment