Six people injured in 3 car accident at Perris Blvd./Rivard Rd. Sunday, 6.23

We have heard from an eyewitness to this accident and have more information on the details on what happened. Now we don't have to make assumptions or speculate. This is what we know. "The black vehicle came over the median out of nowhere. He hit the white vehicle, which was spun against the curb. The grey vehicle couldn’t avoid the accident and hit the white vehicle and then the black vehicle."

We also heard from friends of a woman and her mom who were in one of the vehicles. They were on their way to visit a friend and her baby. The mirror actually hit the daughter in the face and the air bags deployed. They are currently in the hospital recovering from their injuries.

We all need to be respectful of the people injured. Please refrain from speculating, and that includes if any driver was under the influence. We really don't know and it sounds like two of the vehicles were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Thank you to the people who reached out to Moreno Valley Matters. We promised we would keep their identity confidential and anonymous. Photo credit: Henry Flores

This is a good reminder that accidents can happen, even if we're just sitting in our cars. Drive carefully. Don't be a distracted driver or under the influence.

Original post: Wow! Henry is correct. All three cars have front end damage? Very unusual. We did share the Cal Fire story about this accident yesterday. Here is what they posted:

Traffic Collision 5:14 pm - Perris Blvd X Rivard Rd, in Moreno Valley. 3 ENG, 1 TRK, 1 Chief. FFs responded to a 3 vehicle traffic collision. 1 patient extricated from the vehicle. 6 patients total, 4 with serious injuries, 2 with minor injuries. #RivardIncident

CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department #RivardIncident [UPDATE] 6:30 pm - All 6 patients have been transported by ground to a local hospital.