Massive Bust In Moreno Valley

Moreno Valley Sheriff's did a massive bust of FIREWORKS & FIREARMS SEIZURE yesterday!

FIREWORKS & FIREARMS SEIZURE: 3,500+ pounds of illegal fireworks and 20 firearms seized. On 6/21/19, deputies assigned to the Moreno Valley Sheriff's Station Special Enforcement and Problem Oriented Policing Teams concluded a lengthy investigation into the sale of illegal aerial "mortar-style" fireworks.

A search warrant was executed in the 11600 block of Blue Jay Court in Moreno Valley, where deputies located the contraband detailed above, including numerous illegal and stolen firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition and multiple sets of body armor. We were assisted by the Sheriff's Department Hazardous Device Team and local ATF Agents. 
Ivan Pacheco, 23 years-old, of Moreno Valley was arrested for numerous felony offenses.

Illegal fireworks are a continual problem for Moreno Valley residents. Aerial fireworks pose a significant danger to the community and offenders should be reminded they are subject to arrest and/or fines for possession or use of illegal fireworks. Your Problem Oriented Policing Team will continue to prioritize these investigations in an effort to keep our city safe.

Anyone with information regarding the sale of illegal fireworks is encouraged to contact the Problem Oriented Policing Team at 951.486.6700.

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What More information about the bust, go here

What More information about the bust, go here