Harrowing, eyewitness account of Monday's shooting at Lakeshore Village, Sunnymead Ranch

We received a message from a reader who was upset because we had not accurately reported about the shots that were fired Monday afternoon in the Sunnymead Ranch area. I told her our information comes from the police or other people who were there. It just so happens, she and her granddaughter were there at the time this incident occurred. We are sharing anonymously, her account of what happened.

“I’m just upset that no one get the facts straight. It did happen in front of Oishi and S Bar. We were there while bullets went off. I had my daughter and granddaughter with me. My granddaughter is only 5 and it terrified her. No one asked us if we were ok . That's sad. And bullets hit the S Bar; I heard them hit.

I'm already on crutches and had to hit the ground . Yes they was a big group of young black kids and we were sitting waiting outside Oishis to open. They were right by us. I felt something was wrong but tried not to be paranoid. But instincts told me something is up. Sure enough, my daughter hears them say “3 cars loaded” and that's when 3 shots were fired. At first, I thought fireworks; then second shots of 5 over our heads . Bullet sounds. Then 3rd time again. They had to reload cause shot again 5 times. I heard bullets hitting S-Bar and the surrounding area. We were screaming and crying … My daughter and granddaughter were crawling to car and I was down because I had injury already from a knee surgery. Two black kids asked if I was hit I said “no” and they ran off .

The police need to ramp up there patrol. I might add, we drove off but I decided to go back and give a statement. The only thing the cop said to me was I need to calm down. I said, “Well, sir, it’s not everyday I get shot at. Not once did he or anyone ask if we were ok. very sad to say how victims get treated like shit .

My daughter did give a statement. I stayed with my Granddaughter, who was shaken badly being 5.

We are traumatized and I will never go over there again. My kids could have been killed or even me.”

We are waiting for an updated press release on news if any arrests were made. — Debra Craig

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