Details on gunshots heard near Lakeshore Village, Sunnymead Ranch area

Here is an official update from RSD PIO: We did make a stop of a vehicle in the canyon possibly associated with the incident. We have several subjects detained and no victims have been located. Original information: at 4:54 pm, shots were heard in the 23500 block of Sunnymead Ranch Parkway.

We received this information from a witness, who asked to be anonymous. The gunshots did not happen at the S Bar or Oishii. None of the involved kids ever came into either places. It was a fight with the neighborhood kids that happened in front of the smoke shop area and then they all ran to the side of Village Road. The businesses called police as they do almost daily about the situation with the neighborhood kids being up to no good. Yet this has to happen and then it affects businesses up there."

Debra CraigComment