Leading With Compassion: Moreno Valley Superintendent of Schools, An Example for Others to Follow

VOICE: FEATURE STORY, April 26, 2019

S.E. Williams | Contributor

Moreno Valley Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Martinrex Kedziora, is changing the paradigm of what it means to be a leader in today’s public education system. 

By his own testimony, it is easy to see how coming of age in the American south during the tumultuous years of the civil rights movement informed his life in ways that  have served as a guiding principle for how Kedziora fulfills his roles and responsibilities as an educational leader striving for excellence and making a difference in public education here in the inland region. 

Born in South Carolina, raised in Tennessee, and educated at ‘Ole Miss and the University of Memphis, he began his career as an educator teaching English at an inner-city school in Memphis, Tennessee. He then spent a period teaching in Texas before returning to teach in another part of Memphis. In 1988, Dr. Kedziora went on a recruiting trip and secured a position as a special education teacher in the City of Fontana where he taught for five years before moving on to San Bernardino City Schools for nearly eight years, first teaching special education, then serving as an assistant principal before becoming principal of a community day school there.   

Following his time with San Bernardino City Schools he served as middle school principal in Yucca Valley, then as director of professional development in Hemet for seven years before finally settling in with the Moreno Valley School District where he has spent the last eight years first as the district’s chief academic officer and now, as the superintendent of schools.

In an exclusive interview with The IE Voice/Black Voice News, Dr. Kedziora shared what inspired him to pursue education as a career, “[As a child,] I loved school, was very social and spent a lot of time in the office for talking–that’s what you got in trouble for then,” he confessed with a smile in his voice. “I talked a lot,” he continued, “and that got me in trouble.”

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