Dog lover helping with abandoned puppy's leg amputation seeks other dog lovers to also help

A read wrote to us about this situation.

Ashley Sweezer‎ to Moreno Valley Matters

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“Today April 19 while I was at my vet caring for my dog as gentleman walked in with this no more than a week old husky puppy seeking help. He stated him and his wife were not in a financial situation to care for said puppy that they found on side of the road last night April 18. He stated that there was something wrong with the puppies leg so I proceeded to look and knew it needed to be amputated. So I agreed to take the puppy and have her seen by the vet. my vet agreed she needs to have her leg amputated. I went ahead and had the procedure done and am now responsible for the vet bill. I’m hoping I can get some help via pay pal or direct donations into the vet. Puppy is with me and doing well for a week old abandoned pup who just had surgery. Please if you can help out message me and I will give you which ever info you need weather it’s PayPal or Vets info. I greatly appreciate any help. The full vet bill is 298. More pictures in comments.”

We have suggested that she set up a formal Facebook fundraiser account to collect donations. Here are the photos she sent us.

About the leg photo, she said she could smell the rotting flesh on the puppy’s leg.

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