What's the word on weed in the city? MVPD lets people know.

Moreno Valley Police Department

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WHAT’S the WORD on WEED?!?!
Marijuana might be legal, but right now, any dispensary operating within the City Limits is NOT! 5 dispensaries closed in 7 days.

Adetermined effort is underway involving your police department and other city officials to target and shut down dispensaries. These non-permitted criminal enterprises are a blight on your neighborhoods, do not operate within Prop 64 Guidelines and we want them gone!

The City of Moreno Valley is encouraging the legitimate sale of marijuana and numerous applicant entrepreneurs are working through the process of obtaining necessary permits. However, to date no permits have been issued and any dispensaries open for business are illegal and will not be allowed to continue operating.

Marijuana Grow Houses are also being identified and targeted as a part of this crackdown. These grow houses are heavily modified residential homes, posing significant risk of fire or other hazards to your neighborhoods and they are often stealing electricity, negatively impacting the members of our community who actually pay their bills.

Two grow houses were identified last week, resulting in search warrants, seizure of several thousand marijuana plants and the red-tagging of residences. In the last 90 days, the suspects growing marijuana have stolen more than $225,000 in electricity.

Residents are encouraged to report all suspicious activity to the Moreno Valley Police Department by calling 951.247.8700.


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