MVPD's Safer way to shop online! The "Safe Swap Zone"

Moreno Valley Police Department

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SAFER WAY TO SHOP ONLINE!!! In 2017, the City of Moreno Valley and your Police Department partnered to create a “Safe Swap Zone” for meet-ups related to onlinesales from sites such as OfferUp, Craig’sList and Letgo to name a few.

The main parking lot at the police department (22850 Calle San Juan de los Lagos) is well lit and protected by surveillance cameras round the clock.

There has been a marked increase in armed robberies related to alleged “meet-ups” for smartphones, vehicles and other items advertised for sale online throughout the city. 5 arrests have been made related to 6 of these robberies in the past several months and other investigations are ongoing.

Please use caution when selecting a location to meet a stranger whether you are purchasing or selling... Suspicious activity related to these online purchases should be reported to your Robbery & Burglary Suppression Team at 951.486.6700.


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