58 Arrested! April Fool's is No Joke in Moreno Valley thanks to law enforcement

58 ARRESTED! April Fool’s is No Joke in Moreno Valley. This morning, eighty-five law enforcement officers throughout Western Riverside County converged on the City of Moreno Valley for a pre-dawn briefing led by Sheriff Chad Bianco. 

Targeting gang members, violent offenders and career criminals; 132 locations in the City of Moreno Valley were visited by local law enforcement officers in an effort to keep your community safe.

The Moreno Valley Police Special Enforcement Team and Riverside County Probation Department organized this effort, aided by Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputies and SWAT team members, our Sheriff’s Aviation & K-9 units, the Riverside County Regional Gang Task Force, officers from CHP Riverside, the District Attorney’s office and others.

A huge shout out to the Probation Department for their assistance in intelligence gathering for this operation. Their assistance and planning was essential for this operation, intended to hold the criminals in our community accountable. The Riverside Sheriff’s Association and its president, Bill Young also assisted in this endeavor by providing lunch to all those involved.

We want all of our readers to know we are working diligently to rid your city of crime and address quality of life issues as servants of the communities we serve and live in.

We are with you and this operation would not have been possible without the support of Sheriff Chad Bianco, who was with the boots on the ground before the sun was up. The response by our deputies was overwhelming with your Sheriff standing with us and among us as we began this morning. We are proud of our efforts and confident the 58 arrests made today will impact our community positively.


Debra CraigComment