Information to Landmark Middle School parents about altercation at lunch

New parent message from MVUSD released after 2 PM 3/19/19 in regards to Landmark Middle. 

"As you know, the safety and security of our students is always our top priority. We also want to clearly communicate with our parents when issues arise. We have experienced several challenges today on campus. After our lockdown earlier in the day, a large amount of students were involved in an altercation at lunch.

Police responded and placed our school on another temporary lockdown. Police dispersed the crowd of students and the lockdown was lifted.

For the safety of all students, we will be implementing a staggered release.

6th grade will be released at 2:20

7th grade will be released at 2:30

8th grade will be released at 2:45

If you have multiple children at our school, the older students will be released at the time of the younger sibling.

In addition, pepper spray was used at the school. If you already picked up your child and they have any symptoms of irritation, please bring them back to the school for evaluation or take them to your preferred medical provider.

The Moreno Valley Police Department is working closely with the school to ensure the continued safety of all students. Please talk with your children and remind them they could be arrested for participating or instigating fighting.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding, together with our families we will continue to ensure our school is a safe place for learning every day."

Debra CraigComment