Domestic dispute causes crash on 60 Freeway/Nason, Saturday, 2/2

CHP Officers Respond to Domestic Dispute Crash: Baby Okay.
Earlier tonight (02/02/2019), around 7:13pm, California Highway Patrol Officers responded to a two vehicle traffic collison on the 60/Nason interchange with the suspect fleeing possibly with a baby in his arms.
Further resports indicated that a domestic dispute and altercation occurred nearby, the involved parties then were in the same vehicle, the male driver drove erratically hitting another vehicle at Nason/60 and then fleeing the scene. 

The suspect fled towards a shopping center and was found by CHP and RSO and taken into custody.
All victims were okay and received medical evaluations due to the crash and domestic violence dispute. Two young children, including a baby were okay.

Suspect was arrested for DUI, hit and run, and domestic/child endangerment charges.
Great work, CHP and RSO!

Debra CraigComment