MVPD handlers (and dogs) help woman with disabled car stuck in the middle of the road

From the City of Moreno Valley

A Moreno Valley Police K-9 handler had a good excuse for being late to training today. 

And it wasn’t that his dog ate his homework.

Moreno Valley Police K-9 handler Kory Murphy was on his way to training earlier today with two other K-9 officers when they saw a woman stranded in a disabled car in the middle of the road.

Worried the disabled car was going to be involved in an accident, Murphy, along with Sgt. Jason Santistevan and Deputy Pat Mushinske, jumped into action. The three officers helped push the disabled vehicle – and its driver – out of the road and to safety.

Thanks to Officer Murphy and his fellow police officers for helping keep this driver – and everyone else – safe!


Photo below by Robyn Gregoire,

Debra CraigComment