Herbie, K-9, helps find discarded items, from suspect in accident


On Friday, February 15, 2019, a single vehicle traffic collision occurred in the area of Sunnymead Ranch Parkway and Perris Boulevard. Multiple witnesses called police stating they believed the driver was trying to flee the scene north on Perris Boulevard because he was seen walking away from the collision. When officers arrived, they located the driver approximately 300 yards away from the crash site. The driver appeared very nervous, was displaying symptoms of being under the influence, and it was determined he was on active parole. During the investigation, a search of the vehicle was conducted and a loaded 9mm magazine was found inside, but no gun. Officers called upon a Moreno Valley K-9 (Herbie) to jump into action and conduct an article search of the area, believing there was an outstanding handgun. Herbie started his search at the vehicle, and first located a discarded knife approximately 100 yards north of the crash. Herbie continued his search and ultimately located a 9mm semi-automatic firearm up a steep hill not far from where the suspect was first spotted. Arrested at the scene was Alfredo Lopez, a 38 year-old resident of Los Angeles. Lopez was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, violation of parole, and felon in possession of a firearm. #MovalPD#K9Herbie#GoodDoggie#HerbieTheLoveBug#PoliceServiceDog#KeepingOurCitySafe

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