5 Fast Facts about Owen and Gary Shover story by Heavy.com

Correction: This story, 5 Fast facts about Owen and Gary Shover, mentions that Moreno Valley Matters and IE Prime stated that Owen Shover was an “ex-boyfriend”. (We shared the story from IE Prime.) However, during the press conference with police on Tuesday, 2/12/19, they stated this was not the case. They were only acquaintances. Other media sources have reported they met while students at Moreno Valley High School.

A reader wrote to Moreno Valley Matters and said he remembered Owen Shover from elementary school and said this about him.

Well I remember him in elementary school. I went with him in Moval but I never really saw much of him , I honestly thought he wasn’t the same kid . But I remember in elementary they had called the cops on him because he had got into trouble and started running away from the yard duty’s and jumped the fence from the school. And it does surprise me because when I had seen him again he changed a lot in a good way ( well at least I thought ).

The District Attorney’s office told The Press-Enterprisethat they filed a special circumstance alleging the brothers were lying-in-wait before killing Briones. Briones’ body has not been found, but evidence found in a suspect’s backyard have led officials to believe she was killed. Gary moved to Hesperia after being arrested previously. The story doesn’t say what for.

This is an interesting article where they do explain Aranda’s parental situation. The author took information from a variety of news sources, including Moreno Valley Matters. We have sent her an email updating our correction.

To read the complete story, go to this link. This photo is from Gary Shover’s FB page.

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