A reader asks, "Is the mayor above the law?" A reader sends in photo of his campaign sign on the sidewalk and near Landmark M.S.

Update: We have included the MVUSD memo sent to employees.  This sign does not violate school district policy; most likely only city ordinances.

Original post: A reader messaged us and was very upset.   She was attending Landmark Middle School's Back to School Night when she saw what looks to be a campaign sign and tent set up on the sidewalk as you're approaching the school. The sign belongs to Moreno Valley Mayor (and MVUSD employee) who is running for a second term for mayor.  The woman asked,  "Why does the mayor think he can block pedestrian traffic. I think code enforcement should be called."  

MVUSD and the California Ed. Code have very strict rules that campaigning cannot take place on school property.  Moreno Valley Matters will check on what exactly the law states.  MVUSD employees have been sent two emails reminding them of this fact.  However, the reader was more upset that it was set up on a sidewalk.  As you can tell from the photo, it even has sandbag weights in place so it doesn't blow away.

She has contacted MVUSD and we will update this story if more information becomes available. 

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