Survivors describe 'total chaos' during Colorado River boating accident

Update from the Daily Mail. 

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A survivor of the horrifying crash on the Colorado River said it was complete chaos as she fought the current and gasped for air after two recreational boats collided. 

Taylor Corbino was enjoying Labor Day Weekend with family friends when their Sleek Craft boat, which held six people, smashed into another boat with 10 passengers.

The body of Christine Lewis, 51, was found on Monday morning. Divers found 50-year-old Brian Grabowski's body around 9am on Tuesday. 

Kirra Drury and Raegan Heitzig remain missing. They were on the Hallet boat with 10 passengers along with Lewis and Grabowski.  


Corbino recalled the moment she was sitting at the back of the boat, chatting with friends, when she suddenly heard someone exclaim 'Oh, s**t'. 

'And I look up and next I see the boat, the other boat,' she told Good Morning America. 'And next thing you know, I'm in the water.' 

Pat Kelly, Corbino's father, was in a nearby boat when he heard the horrific crash. 

'We were just turning into Pirate's Cove and our buddy went by us and we were waving at him,' Kelly recalled. 

'And we see his lights going on, and then a horrific crash. The river's all dark, it was totally dark.' 

'Sounded like a freight train hitting the side of a building. It was horrible.' 

Corbino said she was underwater for so long that she couldn't hold her breath anymore. 

'The current was so strong it was moving me around and all I could think about was "get air"', she recalled. 

Survivor describe the 'chaos' during boat accident



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