Law Enforcement working towards combating illegal street racing

Moreno Valley Police Department

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Street Racing & Traffic Safety Enforcement

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2:00 PM

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Moreno Valley, CA; Perris, CA; Riverside, CA; Jurupa Valley, CA & Surrounding Region

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Sergeant Mike Koehler

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Multiple File Numbers


On Friday, August 31, 2018 and Saturday, September 1, 2018; law enforcement officers from the California Highway Patrol, Riverside Police Department and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department continued their regional efforts to combat illegal street racing, reckless driving and other related traffic offenses.

In the midst of this enforcement operation Saturday night, a traffic collision attributed to street racing in the city of Moreno Valley resulted in four fatalities and significant danger to the public at large. This is one of multiple incidents in the Riverside area resulting in the loss of life this year.

Many of these groups congregate on public roads and at other venues under the guise of being car enthusiasts before engaging in reckless behavior, jeopardizing the safety of those around them as well as themselves. These individuals have demonstrated through their actions they have no regard for the safety of the citizens who live and work in these communities.

Riverside County law enforcement will continue to aggressively target these groups and individuals with proactive zero-tolerance enforcement. This enforcement includes not only the participants themselves, but any other motorists or pedestrians who are facilitating these activities by “blocking” or otherwise hindering the efforts of law enforcement to take action.

During this weekend’s enforcement operation, three arrests were made for felony evading, one arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol, one arrest for reckless driving and ten arrests for engaging in illegal speed contests. Sixteen vehicles were impounded and twenty-eight citations were issued for various other traffic or equipment violations.

Cumulatively, the month of August 2018’s enforcement efforts resulted in over one hundred twenty citations for street racing, reckless driving and other traffic or equipment violation; to include numerous arrests and vehicle impounds.

Inland Empire law enforcement agencies will continue to target street racing activities and reckless driving for proactive enforcement in an effort to improve safety for our citizens and the motoring public.

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