What is the "Multicultural Assembly for Sustainable Development" and why are they suing to stop the apartment projects at the Moreno Valley Ranch Golf course?

A concerned citizen sent Moreno Valley Matters a copy of a lawsuit filed by the attorney for the "Multicultural Assembly for Sustainable Development."  The action challenges the City of Moreno Valley's approval of a 417-unit residential housing complex on a vacant golf course site at the southeasterly intersection of John F. Kennedy Drive and Moreno Beach Drive.

The group, Multicultural Assembly for Sustainable Development, opposes the project because the claim "in its current form the project brings adverse, unmitigated environment impacts to the surrounding single-family community including aesthetic, noise, and traffic impacts among others. " 

The reader wants to know, who is this Multicultural Assembly for Sustainable Development, an incorporated association?  How many Moreno Valley residents do they represent? Why are they trying to stop a project that many residents were in favor of and campaigned to get approved?  

According to the information sent to MVM, one man is behind stopping the apartments being developed by Bridge Development. He is also a vocal opponent of the project, His name is  Pete Hurtado (aka Pedro Adolfo Hurtado).  While it wasn't in the documents we were given, our reader says he is suing the City of Moreno Valley for $500,000.  She is upset that thousands of taxpayers dollars will be spent defending the city against claims the project wasn't properly vetted. f any type of financial settlement is reached, who gets the money?  Only a few people or even worse, only Mr. Hurtado himself?  

These type of lawsuits are not uncommon in California.  In fact, many of these types of lawsuits have stopped the World Logistics Center project from moving forward.  It was approved over three years ago.  Ironically, Mr. Hurtado is a vocal proponent of the WLC. The reader wants to know,  Is he now using the same tactics to stop a project he doesn't want? 

The resident who sent this to us, feel residents should be made aware that this lawsuit could either stop or delay this project.  Or, it could also cost the developer $500,000 to move forward.  

She wants answers to these questions:

"Will this lawsuit jeopardize the Moreno Valley Ranch Golf Course revitalization project?"

"Why Is this type of legal "extortion" fair?" 

"Why keep this lawsuit under the radar?" 

"Who else stands to benefit from the settlement of this lawsuit?"Will Mr. Hurtado, and/or a few of his closest friends, have the most to gain financially?

"Does Mayor Gutierrez have a vested interest in this lawsuit? He is good friends with Mr. Hurtado, who also held a fundraiser on behalf of the Mayor's political campaigns. 

She would like to know what others think.  


Riverside Superior Court Case Number: RIC 1814611.

Filed on: 07/18/2018.

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