City Council Shenanigans? A reader asks why two council members were NOT appointed on committees

Is Mayor Gutierrez disenfranchising half of the city by not including Council Members David Marquez and Jeff Giba as appointees on committees and commissions?  This is the concern of a resident who sent us this message.  What do you think?  Is it right that the mayor excludes two councilmembers from committees? 

"Of concern once again- the Highland-Fairview 3 are the only reps on all the committees/commissions. No Giba, No Marquez. This was in the agenda packet for Tuesday.." 

Moreno Valley Matters spoke to Council Member Jeff Giba who told us that the mayor claims David Marquez did not want to be on any committees and they didn't ask him.  We will get call Council Member Marquez to confirm this.

Debra Craig1 Comment