Are Council Districts 2 & 3 being left out of much needed street repair money?

We have received a video clip from the August 21st, 2018, City Council meeting where City Council Member Jeff Giba questions staff on how they determined which streets in the city get additional street funds.  As you can see from the map below, it appears that most of the street repairs are happening in District 1 and 4,  the areas represented by Council Members Victoria Baca and Ulises Cabrera.  Some residents in Districts 2 & 3 claim the needs in their neighborhoods are being ignored because the Mayor, Baca, and Cabrera do not like the Council Members who represent Districts 2 & 4 (Jeff Giba & David Marquez).  On Monday, we shared a story how the only Council Members being placed on Commissions and Committees are only the Mayor, Council Member Baca, and Council Member Cabrera.  Many District 2 and 3 residents are upset because they feel disenfranchised because of the Mayor's, and other two Council Member bias against the other two Council members. 

Here is the street improvements map showing the areas of where projects are being funded. Even though District 2 and 3 represent half of the city, these areas appear to be left out of the street rehabilitation program, including the newly allocated million dollars.   We are also sharing a video clip of District 2 City Council Member Jeff Giba questioning why half of the city will not be getting much needed street improvement funds. 

Debra CraigComment