High school students steal Boy Scout donation jar at Stater Bros.

We have posted a map on how to go to the Commissary where this Scout will be selling popcorn from on Sunday, September 2, from 10 to 12.  You need a military ID to go inside, but he will be outside.  

"On Saturday, September 1,  two teenagers that go to Valley View high school snatched the donation jar from the Boy Scouts table while he was working. 

These kids are working their butts off on their free time to help earn money for the year, help the veterans and this community. It's disheartening to have others do this to them when they are trying to bring good to the community. 

The Boy Scouts are out fundraising for their Troop and someone comes and steals their donation jar. It’s not just about the money but the principal. On a happy note, he still has a smile on his face. 
The sad part is Lucas was helping put a cart away that was blocking and the person(s) took advantage of him not being there while he did a good deed.

Location: Sunnymead Stater Bros. 

Suspects: Hispanic male 5’6-5’8 14-16years white T-shirt blue jeans second one the same on a bike gray to blue shirt and jeans. Go to Valley View High School and we have them on the security cameras.

UPDATE: We are waiting for the police department, however, we had 1 of our Scout dads who is a retired police officer in the area. He was able to locate the subjects and some witness who spoke to them. We have them on camera and know what high school they go to. Thank you to the ladies in the park from Calvary Chapel who donated their own money to help cover some of the donations. Thank you to everyone for their support."


A map to the Commissary
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