Help getting out an abusive situation

A reader requested help getting away from an ex who was violent and abusive.  She claims the police won't do anything.  Please contact the non-profit below if you're also in a similar situation.

Jenna Marie‎ to Moreno Valley Matters

3 hrs

I need some advice. No judging please im being serious. Law enforcement sucks and wont do anything until im basically dead. Ive called the cops on my abusive crazy ex many times and they don't do anything. Last night he ripped the mirror of my car and poured beer or something all over it because i told him to leave me alone. I first want to know a place that can fix this and how much. It was connected to blinker cause it has wires. Also what are the steps/how long does it take to get a restraining order? Do i need to get it in the county i live in or he lives in? Finally what outside security cameras do u recommend. Police cant do anything cause i have no "proof" even though he told me he did it. Im worried for our safery i have 3 kids living with me to. Hea seriously crazy. Thank u and sorry for long rant


Building up Lives Foundation
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