Man holding a female adult inside the car ends up in dog fight with Police K-9 Herbie

Here’s the police report on the man who fought an

On Sunday, September 9, 2018, at 1:25 AM, officers from the Moreno Valley Police Department responded to a suspicious vehicle call in the 24300 block of Carman Lane, Moreno Valley.  As officers walked toward the vehicle, they saw a male adult holding a female adult inside the vehicle.  Officers struggled with the male to free the woman.  Once the woman was able to free herself from the suspects hold with help from the officers, the suspect pushed away from the officers, got out of the vehicle and ran after the woman.  

Officers attempted to prevent the suspect from harming the victim; however, the suspect fought with the officers.  Moreno Valley Police Service Dog “Herbie” arrived with K-9 Officer Murphy and was used to subdue the suspect.  The suspect fought with K-9 Herbie and got a hold of Herbie’s leash and attempted to wrap it around his neck to strangle K-9 Herbie.  After a continued struggle with more officers, the suspect was taken into custody.  An officer sustained a minor injury and K-9 Herbie is being medically evaluated following the use of force.

The suspect, identified as Matthew Rubalcava, 22 of Moreno Valley, was arrested, treated on scene, and later taken to an area hospital prior to being booked into the county jail in Riverside.  Rubalcava was arrested for false imprisonment, resisting arrest, domestic battery, and attempting to injure a Police Service Dog.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact Deputy Murphy at the Moreno Valley Police Department at (951) 486-6700. 

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