Is the mayor's "Homeless Program" an epic fail? This readers proves it is.

A reader was curious about how successful Mayor’s Gutierrez’s homeless program is where he touts they are giving them a job to get them off of the streets. So she did an investigation via public information requests and got the results back. What she uncovered is very disturbing. $133,000 is spent on salaries for employees! (No wonder there are still so many homeless on our streets.) $15,000 was spent on MILEAGE! Here’s her full report.

Homeless Work Program is an EPIC FAIL. 

A public records request was made with the City of Moreno Valley to investigate the Homeless to Work Program and its measurement of out-come performance. 

The information we received from the City of Moreno Valley is sadly what we suspected. The City of Moreno Valley is NOT keeping statistical information on the participants. Furthermore, the City of Moreno Valley has VIOLATED the Community Block HUD Grant agreement and conditions in complying with statistical information. 

The Community Block HUD Grant was for $ 190,000.00, and $ 133,000.00, is going to salaries for employees, $ 8,000.00, for utilities, $ 15,000.00, for mileage, $ 8,000.00, for space rental at the Salvation Army. Dam that only leaves $ 26, 000.00, divided into 6 for the six (6 ) homeless = $ 4,333.33. 

The Salvation Army claims three employees $ 133,000.00 divided by 3 = $ 44,000.00, for each one. While the homeless get $ 4,333.33. 

Also, what's in question is the $ 15,000.00, milage charge. The program started in Feb 2018 and is currently operating. They go out 2 x a week from Feb to Sept ( that's 8 months) that's 64 times going out x 20 miles round trip = 1, 280 miles x .55 cents per mile = $ 704.00., but they are charing $ 15,000.00, for milage.???

So who is really benefiting from the Homeless Work Program?

Mayor Gutierrez is definitely benefiting from it by getting people to believe he has a viable and working homeless program. But we can’t believe it from these numbers.

Debra CraigComment