Police pursuit of Suspicious Driver Under the influence who was near the front of Sunnymead Middle School

One Friday afternoon, 8/31/18, Officers from the Moreno Valley Police Department responded to a Suspicious Driver call in front of Sunnymead Middle School.

The Driver was observed inhaling vapors from an aerosol can and was driving very erratically.

Upon Officers arrival, they saw the driver was showing obvious signs of being under the influence. When commands were given, the driver ignored officers and began to pull away.

When he was pulling away, Officers observed the driver inhale Dust Off numerous times and his driving became increasingly dangerous.

Due to the concern for the safety of the public and the necessity to apprehend the driver, a pursuit was initiated.

The pursuit mainly took place on Sunnymead Blvd and Frederick. The driver eventually enters E/B 60 Fwy, control was then turned over to CHP.

Debra CraigComment