Pedestrian dies crossing Alessandro Blvd.

Update on the accident that happened on Alessandro & Flaming Arrow: According to the comments of two people who knew the victim, the story we shared from the Inland Empire Newswire is not correct. (We have deleted it.) Sadly, it sounds like another pedestrian has died on our streets. It makes the post we shared about the near miss of a pedestrian even that much more of an important message. Mahealani, the comments from the first person we are posting, knows firsthand on this subject. Her brother died two weeks ago while crossing Sunnymead Blvd. by Shakeys.

Mahealani Melvaleen The accident that happened on Alessandro and Flaming Arrow DID NOT involve an RTA just stopped there...He got hit by the white truck. The person that got hit died on the way to the hospital..He was my old neighbor. He was 32 yrs old and left behind a wife and 4 little ones. His name was Gabriel Jasso. He was walking to the store to get goodies for his little ones.

Now a comment from this victim's brother. 

Juan Jasso Hi Roy Just wanted to let you know that the person that was hit was my brother. Gabriel Jasso. No info on his condition. Gabriel Jasso is a war vet. Received a purple heart and was honorably discharged due to injuries sustained during service. Husband and father of four kids. He is an honorable man and is always out walking around because he can't sit too long due to the pain from his war injuries. He is my big little brother cause he's taller than me but younger. His whole family is praying for him. I LOVE YOU BRO.

We send our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Gabriel Jasso.

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