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Vanessa Valenzuela‎ to Moreno Valley Matters

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To the people of Moreno Valley, Perris and its surrounding areas. I'm warning you to be careful if not dont contract this guy to do work. We contracted him well over a month ago to do some cement and a planter in our back yard. Something that he stated would take 3 days. He asked for money to pay the cement trucks and cement finishers. He began to lay the first row of blocks for the planters but has yet to return. A 3 day job has turned into a month and the job is still unfinished . We have tried to get In contact with him but he ignores our calls and texts.

Para la gente de Moreno valley, Perris y sus alrededores les quiero advertir de que no contraten a este muchacho David. Nos dijo que en tres dias nos iva hacer un plantero y cemento en la yarda de atras y que ocupava la mayoria del dinero para pagar los troques de cemento y para material. Si acabo parte del trabajo lo que es el cemento pero ya va para casi un mez que no viene acavar el plantero no regresa las llamadas ni los mensajes.

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