Stray dog gets help for "angels" in the form of good Samaritans.

Richard D. Sayles is with Matt Witzel and Makayla Holm.

August 17 at 12:22 PM

I just want to say something about Matt Witzel... I am a motorcycle officer in the city of Moreno Valley and was in the area of Gilman Springs and Kevin working some speed enforcement... I was flagged down by a passerby regarding a dog in the lanes north of my location. I immediately drove north on Gilman Springs and located a large red dog walking in lanes and appeared extremely weak and lethargic. I pulled over and stepped off my motorcycle. I called for the dog to come over to me and she did.. She plopped down on my lap and was panting and extremely overheated... Matt was driving north on Gilman Springs and stopped to assist with his coworker... I am sorry I did not catch her name... Thankfully they came over to assist because I truly believe this dog would have died in my lap had they not stopped... you two are awesome and I thank you for your help... Matt Witzel

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