Limiting the number of Press-Enterprise stories

From the beginning of Moreno Valley Matters,, the Press-Enterprise has been a valuable source of information to our site and whose stories we often shared.  However, a couple of months ago, they made the decision to limit the number of stories people could read to five per month unless you are a subscriber.  I understand that newspapers are struggling to survive and they have to do what they have to do.  

We have been sharing stories because I thought if you were able to read it through a linked account of a subscriber, being me, Debra.  But today on Moreno Valley Matters, the FB page, I discovered much to my surprise I was mistaken. 

Since our goal is to bring you the most current news and information, beginning today, we will only share the most important stories published by the Press-Enterprise.  While I want them to survive, they aren't paying me to send them potential subscribers. This isn't really a big deal since most of the time we break local stories before they do. Not only that, recently I've questioned their practices.  Two days ago they featured a story about the "water park at Lake Perris." However, that story was from a year ago and isn't in existence this year. Today, Sunday, 7/1/18 they published a wedding announcement on their front page as "Moreno Valley News". Really?  A wedding announcement.  I can't imagine the day we will publish a wedding post as "Top News"  unless it is my own.  (Joke.) And that's not likely to happen anytime soon.  

I just wanted to give readers a heads-up on our new policy.  

Debra CraigComment