Know your nail salon!

On Wednesday, 6/20, we posted a video from a woman who was at the Red Persimmons Nail Salon on Iris Avenue, when a State Board Inspector walked in. They were posted under the "In Other News" category.  This is our final installment.  It talks about some the violations the inspector found. 

Please note: We are sharing this to educate (and remind) people that nail salons have certain standards they must uphold for the public's safety. At this nail salon, only two out eight of their manicurists had their manicurist license on display as is required by law. It is a $5,000 fine if a manicurist leaves the business during an inspection. Two of them left, but one did return. In addition, there were problems with technicians giving fake names, home addresses, and SS numbers.

But a bigger issue is how the inspector learned they ignored safety practices put in place to lessen the chance of infections. There was only one jar of disinfectant available to all manicurists. They didn't have a separate disinfectant for metal tools. She did not see them disinfecting tools before going to the next customer. This salon had a sanitizer machine but it hadn't been turned on that day. The pedi tubs were dirty. 

While all of this is bad, the inspector saw they were using a liquid substance that had MMA, something not allowed in nail salons. We'll be writing about that in a separate post.

According to the reader who took this video and stayed the whole time the inspector was there, Red Persimmons had 30 violations. These are public record for customers to view. 

The goal of any government board like the Health Department or Cosmetology Board isn't to shut down a small business or pick on them. It is to keep the public safe. This business will be given time to fix these issues and hopefully, on the next visit, everything will be fine. 

Thank you so much to the reader who took the time to send this into us. Even though I don't frequent nail salons like I know many others do, I learned a lot and will be more aware when choosing one to patronize. 

--Debra Craig

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