Seeking a witness to accident on Friday, 6/15/18

Update: Any auto insurance experts out there? A reader is looking for witnesses to an accident, but I think she will be fine if she just contacts her insurance company. She wrote to and said she has contacted them. They told her they needed this additional information about the vehicle even though she has a photograph of the man's driver's license. This is her story:

"I was involved in a traffic accident & I can really use the communities help if anyone happened to get a glimpse of the other vehicles license plate. 

Did anyone witness an accident Friday night around 9:15pm on Perris & Cottonwood? It was a beige mercury vs. a black BMW. The driver in the BMW took off without giving me any of his insurance info. All I have is a picture of the man's ID. No police report was made due to nobody needing medical attention at the time but after my body came out of shock, I am now in lots of pain. If anyone happens to have got a glimpse of the license plate that would really help me out. Ty."

Debra CraigComment