Coachella news: No one is injured as heating unit used for water goes up in flames

ABC 7 News

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Firefighters Extinguish fire at Coachella campground.

Updated 3 hours agoINDIO, Calif. -- Chaos at the Coachella Music Festival Friday night as flames erupt in the campground near the Indio, California venue. 

Witnesses said they heard explosions before the public showers went up in flames. 

ABCVideo posted on social media showing the massive fire engulfing the structure. 

Fire fighters responding blocked the area and urged everyone to leave. Luckily no one was injured. 

The Riverside County Fire Department now saying the fire was due to a mechanical failure of the heating unit used for water. 

Officials say the fire is now out. 

The festival is expected to continue as scheduled with Ariana Grande expected to headline on Sunday. 

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